devil reef tiki shot mugdevil reef tiki shot mugdevil reef tiki shot mug
Check our the art ebay store for tikiracer. He creates many of our fav tiki mugs, plus he’s having a clear out and you’ll find other great mugs up for sale.

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Kraken Rum hits our shelves

October 17, 2011





kraken rum and zombie


kraken run and shot mug

We now have Kraken Rum in the bar. This is a fantastic spiced rum, full of flavour and body without being overpowering or harsh.

A lot of the locals have laughed at the name, saying “That’s no Kraken!”. But once tasted all are happy to order more.

I’m working on a signature Devil Reef cocktail – which I’ll post here soon.






the return…

September 16, 2011


I have returned and bought back some friends…



Devil Reef returns soon…

August 26, 2011

returning soon

Our shadow over Innsmouth returns soon…





New zombie mugs in an amazing brown/bronze finish.

Will post photos later.

New Greek import beer - Mythos

Now available at Devil Reef, for when you want a lighter, early evening drink…

Just been donated to the bar is this collection of clay pipes. Many seem to have a squidman motif to there design. On display now so pop down for a closer look.

We are very pleased to announce that we have a giclee print of Brad Parkers [aka Tiki Shark] “Jungle Witch” soon to be hung in the bar.

"Jungle Witch" 30x24 canvas giclee

Up close this piece is even more lush and haunting. Plan to get the team on coming up with a Jungle Witch cocktail, will keep you posted.

Also coming this summer, is this perfect piece for Devil Reef.

"The kreature for Kona" 14x11 giclee print

Check out more of his work at his website.

The BBC has just posted a very interesting article on Deep Sea Exploration.

Our trip will new photos and news this week.

The sub now carries the Devil Reef brand

The Devil Reef sponsorship of the Miskatonic Uni deep sea exploration off the coast of Innsmouth is building, with our logo being added to the sub. The Nautile has been hired with a French team to give technical backup and surface support. We are looking at an early spring, 10 day adventure. More news soon.